"Italy Revisited "

photographic observations of Italy from 2006 - all archival pigment prints


Some things never change. Really? Walls are restored and scraped clean of centuries-old characteristic filth making them seem "unreal", even less “authentic". Rituals are replayed over and over again, costumes and customs becoming mere simulacra. Many places and people were hardly recognizable, the shifting terrain disorienting. Or maybe what we see is determined by how we look, where we stand, when or why we notice. I returned to the place I once lived for two years after 11 years of absence, after my grandparents left nearly a century ago never to return again. I found the eternal city draped in state-of-the-art protective scaffolding that resembles the building and surroundings behind it creating a post-modern tromp-l'oeil. Cell phones documenting the millennia. Satyricon of safe sexuality. Overgrowth and exhaustion. Protected magic; codified and commodified struggle.

I also found evidence of empire, conflict and hegemony that we repeat to this day.

Would the nonni recognize it?