Love and War
re-assembled experiences of the artist's parents during wartime


Many of their generation fell in love, married, and left home to fight in "the good war", leaving behind thousands of newly-wed women who would give birth while fathers battled distant cousins.
These images are composites of my family archives - photographs and letters from my mother stateside and my father in the European theater of World War II. All imagery and titles are composited from these sources in an attempt to piece together a period my now-deceased parents rarely spoke of. It's a way for me to make sense of the multitude of emotions as well as social, political and military shifts in the mindset of a nation at war. As a child I recall carefully thumbing through the drawerfuls of these precious documents, perplexed at Holocaust denial and unquestioned self-sacrifice. Our nation perpetually glances back to this era, caught in nostalgia and denying the gravity of responsibility we subsequent generations were left with. As an anit-war activist, I felt it important to remind myself and others of a soldier's need to stay in touch with love and humanity while experiencing inhuman conditions. It is also an homage to my parents, whose steadfastness during wartime separation and lifetime of mutual commitment are also held as ideals.

All pieces are realized as archival pigment prints and limited edition handmade books.

This project is ongoing...


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