Projected Photo-Movies
“Hair Recollection” (1:38) | “Digging” (1:39) | “Surface Depth” (4:39) | “Chusoros” (1:53)
single channel stop motion videos with soundtrack

These are composed of separate photographic instances. Their subject matter undergoes fracturing. Eggs are crushed, waves of water and reflections are examined, calling the viewer into both depth and surface observation; and strands of hairs are wound and unwound. In cropping, formatting, reassembling and sequences these instances I question how our perspectives can be both individual and collective. The projection space is broken up as these illuminated images are played off of and through separate strips of clear floor-to-ceiling plastic panels that unfurl like scrolls. While in this space the viewer is implicated as participant while refracted light hits them on a bench, floors and walls behind them.

The audio, while presenting another palette, is punctuated with occasional verbal messages which I recite as an amplified whisper. These utterances can be elucidations and offer a possible conceptual narration that seeks its place somewhere between the discursive and the numinous.