Like the cracking open of the eggshell, separation is necessary for consciousness to emerge and for enlightenment to take place.

Beginning with a small wax and eggshell ball formed into the shaped of a whole egg, I apply nearly daily layers of PVA glue and shells shards for over a year until the final days of the show’s installation, where it was placed in the center of the main gallery nested in a bed of its remaining shells on a pedestal under the illuminated “Exit” sign. Robert Sardello speaks of Sophia as the archetype of the world soul through whom separate fragments of matter have their own properties. Sophia, known in medieval alchemy, as Sapientia (“wisdom”) was the goal of the transformation process. She is often represented as crumbs, fragments, or remnants.  She is matter and compared, “in her creating power, to the artistic material that is able to shape itself, that is, at the same time, the artist… when one carves a sculpture from a block of wood, the shavings are discarded; but in the shaping of the Great Mystery, the fragments too are creative aspects of Sophia.

The egg, in a sense a center piece of the show, is composed of these fragments, residue from over 10,000 eggshells (the containers of potential life), meticulously cleaned before being placed on the floor of an earlier installation for visitors to crush as they entered.